Hospice Pugs

Hello, my name is Notorious. I know I know, but that's the name I was given years ago. I'm a 9-year-old fawn male that was surrendered with my brother, Freddy.

While getting ready for my forever home, Pug Rescue of Northern California found out that I have Spinal Disease which causes me to have issues walking for very long and I have discomfort while walking plus I'm not able to jump on to things from the ground. At this point I can't remember if I had a injury or if it's the whole pug thing with spinal issues which some of us get.

I have been put in a wonderful hospice home as I'm going to be seen by a medical specialist at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital located in Davis, California. I will be an outpatient and will be doing therapy weekly which doesn't seem to be a lot of fun. We are hoping that it makes me able to walk better, and hopefully with less pain. My foster mom, Jaime, will be also working with me to make me a better pup. I'm a happy and loving little guy hoping for the best. These treatments will be expensive so if you would like to SPONSOR me, any amount is never too small as I can have several sponsors to help out the rescue with my therapy appointments.

If you sponsor me, I will try and send you updates on my status and updated pictures from time to time. Thank you so much for helping me!

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