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Hello, my name is Monk. I'm a senior fawn male pug. Here's my story:

I was surrendered on Christmas Eve 2021 as my owners told PRNC that I was going blind and that I slept too much, that didn't seem to be a bad thing but regardless PRNC came to pick me up on a cold and rainy Christmas Eve. Upon arrival, it was obvious that I wasn't going blind but I was completely blind and I was deaf too. I'm 12 or 13 years old and we aren't really sure as my previous owners rescued me at an early age and my age wasn't known at that time either. I also have really bad arthritis. Here's the GREAT NEWS!! PRNC didn't care about these issues and they loaded me in the PRNC pug-mobile. I was taken to a great place to live the rest of my life. I'm with other Senior pugs and I get tons of love and kisses. If you would love to sponsor me to help pay for my vet bills and meals, that would be great!!

Thank you for reading my story!

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