About PRNC

About PRNC

The PRNC Story

Pug Rescue of Northern California (formerly Pug Rescue of Sacramento) is a non-profit organization that takes in Pugs and Pug mixes from across Northern California that have been abandoned at pounds or shelters, found as strays or turned in by their owners. We then spay or neuter the pugs, make sure they are current on their shots, perform a heartworm test and start medication, insert a microchip, complete a health check and provide for other medical assessment and treatment as needed. The pugs are fostered in the private homes of our volunteers and then placed in loving, pre-screened adoptive homes.

About PRNC

We recently changed our name to Pug Rescue of Northern California (PRNC). We were formerly known as Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS). We have worked throughout all of Northern California for many years and feel this name represents our efforts more fully. Please read below our story of how we became Pug Rescue of Sacramento and grew into Pug Rescue of Northern California.

Before PROS was formed the need for pug rescue had become evident. A breeder in the Sacramento area named Marianne Herzberg-Stanley stepped into the void without having outside financial backing. She had done informal pug rescue for years, but saw the need in the early 1990's and took the lead.

In May of 1996, we were incorporated as a California Public Benefit Corporation. By this time Marianne had yielded her involvement to others that have kept her efforts going. She left PROS in good hands with many volunteers and dedicated Board members.

The year 2001 brought a major change in our pug rescue organization. Pug Rescue by the Bay joined forces with the Sacramento group and became affiliated with us starting in April. Prior to this change, we had been taking in and adopting out a substantial amount of Pugs in the Bay Area. The volunteers and coordinators in the Bay Area have proven to be a great asset to PROS' rescue efforts. Effective on May 14, 2003 PROS became a federal nonprofit organization and this has benefited our many donators and members who support our rescue efforts.

By the end of 2010, PROS rescued 106 pugs. Total pugs helped in 2009 was 105 and in 2008, the number of pugs saved was 125. Contrary to our name, PROS will rescue from the Bay to the Borders because the need is evident. Most of our adoptions are more than 50 miles out of Sacramento or in the Bay Area.

Recently, several other rescues have come into existence that will take the strain off our efforts. We applaud their efforts and wish them much success, but as they come into growth we expect to remain the most dedicated Pug rescue group in Northern California. We have many contacts and volunteers in various geographical areas. Our ultimate goal is to make sure all Pugs and Pug mixes that need to be rescued get rescued.

We hold various events in the Bay Area such as Pug Sundays and the Adoption Fair. We are always looking for additional volunteers as well as foster homes for the Pugs waiting to find their forever home.

We accept donations of new goods and services for our yearly auctions and raffles, as well as cash donations. We accept Pay Pal donations and can also donations through United Way. We are a state and federal non-profit corporation so your donation may be tax deductible. These funds go to providing food, medical treatment and care for the growing number of rescues that are finding their way to our door.

All Pugs that are adopted out are done so under a contract that provides that the Pug will be returned to us if the owner can no longer keep the Pug for any reason. It is the goal of PRNC to never turn away a Pug in need. PRNC does not euthanize any animal because of lack of space or inability to find a home, and in fact will only do so in cases of extreme medical crisis.

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