Last Updated:  02/01/2023

PRNC alumni, Romeo crossed the rainbow bridge in January, 2023.

Message from Romeo's Family

I took Romeo to the vet this morning and we decided his cancer was advancing rapidly in his little Pug body and euthanasia was the only humane option. His breathing problems would prohibit a second surgery and metastasis was probably already present.

I had about 30 minutes to say goodbye to Romeo so I sat on the floor with him and gave him scratches while his tranquilizer slowed him down. He kept giving me lick kisses as I think he knew I had him at the vet to help him. I gave him a treat and his rabbit stuffy and the vet gave him the other drugs on the floor per my request. Romeo is now at peace but I am a wreck. One day at a time right?

I have been through this loss previously with other Pugs but never with cancer in the picture. It has been a gut wrenching ride for the past six months with Romeo and I had been working onsite for 5 weeks before the new tumors popped up and I decided I could not leave Romeo alone while he was sick so I stopped my training for the past month to be with Romeo 24/7.

Thank you for listening and for your support in this matter. I will be lost without Romeo for quite some time but Romeo is in a better place now and running pain free.

From Shirley - Pug Mommy

🐾 Original Story

Hello, my name is Romeo. I'm an 8-year-old fawn neutered male. I'm an easy lil guy just looking for a forever home. I'm housebroken, love car rides and long walks on cool nights. I'm up-to-date with all my vaccines. I recently had a dental as well. I am good with dogs and cats too!

Romeo was adopted by Shirley Huffaker on Sept. 5, 2019.

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