Tyson crossed the rainbow bridge at 4:30pm on 12.26.2017.

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Last Thursday (10.26.2017), Napoleon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He adopted us and brought us so much joy.  This was a tough year for him… he was diagnosed with diabetes in January and a few months later lost his sight.  He put up a good fight, but it proved too much for him.  Thank you to PROS for the adoption – and please don’t shop… adopt!

Love you buddy..

From Sharon Vandagriff

» Napoleon’s Story


Our beloved Pug “Skeeter” crossed the rainbow bridge in September 2017 at age thirteen.  We adopted him from Pug Rescue of Sacramento when he was about approx two. He was a very large, handsome boy who was always completely chill in any situation.  We already had one Pug “Frodo” when Skeeter came into our home and the two of them were buddies for many years taking long walks on the local beach and traveling in the car to Idaho with our family each Winter for the holidays.  Skeeter was a strong, athletic dog who – in his youth – could jump up onto table tops to grab food off the table!  We learned quickly to clear the tables fast in our house and to never leave food anywhere since Skeeter could find a tiny morsel hidden deep in a school backpack.  Up until a few days before he passed he had been able to enjoy walks at the beach.  He enjoyed every moment of his life (especially meal time!) and we were so grateful to have him.  He is sorely missed by our family and he has a beautiful final resting place with his body facing the ocean that he loved.  Thank you to PROS for finding him in a shelter and bringing him into our lives.

From Skeeter’s Family


Ashley came to me in 2009 after I had just lost another PROS rescue Zoe.  I made contact with PROS as I read that due to her previous foster mom living in the Sacramento area, they needed someone to be able to rehab Ashley in the San Ramon area, near Bishop Ranch.  Thus this little 2 year old girl previously named Maggie and then Ashley and finally with me, Ashley-Jolie or AJ found her forever home.  I began as a foster and then I decided that with all her medical needs, I would adopt her and try to manage her health issues as best I can.  She was a small girl never weighing more than 12 pounds, but due to liver failure the past few years, she needed a special diet and for the past few years became more fragile.  We went for monthly Dr. check ups with our esteemed Dr. Eleanor Dunn of Grand Lake Vet in Oakland, CA.  We worked closely with Dr. and staff on checking her albumin levels and keeping any infections at bay using Clavamox.  The thing about AJ was that she loved to eat and as her teeth became bad, we could never consider surgery or anesthesia due to her fragile state.  And boy did she eat!  She ate first on a glass pie plate and then later making such a mess used paper plates on top of tablecloths.  We fed her 3 times a day for the past year or so to help keep weight on her.  She lived for her Mom and even at the end struggled to stay alive even though she was suffering.  On Thursday November 9th at the age of 10, Ashley was let go to a more peaceful place.  Her left eye had ruptured on Monday November 6th and even with 4 eye antibiotics given 6-8 times daily, it was just too much for her and she stopped eating.  What an extraordinary spirited soul!  How lucky we are to have had her for 8 years and traveled quite the journey of a quality life together.  RIP my sweet sweet girl.

From Ashley’s Family


Our hospice pug, Cami crossed the rainbow bridge in October, 2017.

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Grover (formerly Pugsley) crossed the rainbow bridge on 10/24.

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Our Sweet Otis passed away today (8/21).  We only had him two years but we gave him the best two years of his life.  We will miss you sweet boy.

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Bentley came to PROS early in 2017 with three other pugs from the same surrender owner.  Bentley had so many issues but that never let him down, he was a true trooper and was just the sweetest boy even through all his issue and pain.  In early June 2017, we lost Bentley before we could find him his forever home.  His foster family Kelli and Staff at Pride and Pedigree in Concord loved him more than anyone could and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.  His loss really touched many of us here at PROS for his gentle soul and sweet personality.  Rest in Peace Bentley.  WE LOVE YOU!!


​It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we must report the passing of our PROS rescue pug, Emma.
She crossed the rainbow bridge this morning (6/20) after several days of breathing difficulties due to geriatric onset laryngeal paralysis.
We adopted Emma from PROS in August 2009.
She was our fourth PPOS adoption.
She was much loved and will be greatly missed.
We look forward to adopting again in the future.

Dan and Ann Shumaker


Wally crossed the rainbow bridge on Feb. 18, 2017.

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Regina crossed the rainbow bridge on Jan. 27, 2017.

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