Ten years ago I was blessed to adopt my beloved Tucker from your organization.  He was the light and the joy of my life!  We were pretty much inseparable for the entire time I had him.  He was one special boy who made friends wherever he went, knew the route to all my friend’s houses (where he would make a bee line for the refrigerator – a big treat box as far as he knew – and always had a happy, sweet disposition.

Through our ten years, Tucker challenged me with many health issues – as pugs will.  But we overcame all except for the last one which was Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer.  Sadly I lost the battle to keep him alive in August.  In the end, I had to make that very difficult but compassionate decision to assist him to a better place where he is free of any pain and hurt.  I miss him ever so much, and he is still he love of my life.

I just wanted you to know that Tucker had crossed the rainbow bridge and is frolicking in heaven now.  (his name was Sparky when I adopted him in 2005).


Polly crossed the rainbow bridge on Dec. 12, 2015.


Today booboo was to have his 4th mass cell surgery since March.

Yesterday he was acting normal.  This morning when I took him in he was breathing a little heavy and was just not right.  His lungs were filling with blood and the vet did a tap.  His body was full of the mast cell tumors and his blood would not clot.  We kissed him, we loved him, we petted him and we had to let him cross over the rainbow bridge.

We adopted him from pros rescue a little over a year ago.  We loved him and gave him the best we could for that time.

He was our sweet little old man.

Julia Sheller and Family


Hazel crossed the rainbow bridge in October, 2015.


Our hospice pug, Buster crossed the rainbow bridge in September, 2015.


Hello PugPROS. I adopted my beautiful girl Lilly from you in 2001, and on Monday, she left us peacefully.

Lilly was fostered by Nadine Macafee, and also spent time in Sandy’s home. She came home with me on September 15, 2001 and spent almost 14 years at my side, joined in good time by my husband and two other rescue dogs.

Last year, we all moved back to Boston (where I grew up) and she enjoyed a warm summer, a beautiful autumn, and the epic winter of 2015. She climbed 7 foot snowbanks as if she’d grown up in the Arctic.

Lilly lived (LARGE) with cancer for several years, after having a kidney removed in 2010. She was playful and resilient until last Sunday, when she made it clear to me that she was ready to go. She passed in my arms with my husband and her canine brother and sister at her side.

We were so lucky to share almost 14 years with this gorgeous and remarkable dog. I enclose a photo taken the day she came home with me, and one taken a few months ago that shows her in her grey glory.

I cannot thank you all enough for rescuing her and for letting her come home with me.

Thank you for doing what you do.



Our hospice pug, Scruffy crossed the rainbow bridge in June, 2015.


Our hospice pug, Bumper crossed the rainbow bridge on June 18, 2015.


Our hospice pug, Bruno crossed the rainbow bridge in May, 2015.


I write this e-mail with an extremely heavy heart and tear-filled eyes to let you know that our precious baby, Joey Big Eyes, passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We adopted Jo-Jo from PROS in November, 2008.  He was seven.  Joey was underweight, had been kept outside most of his life and was severely neglected.  He didn’t know how to curl his puggy tail and he clung tightly to his “Baby” (stuffed toy).  Poor Joe was so afraid to fall asleep, that when he did fall asleep, he would do so with one eye open.  Often times we would hear a thump or loud crash because Jo-Jo fell asleep standing up and fell onto the floor, fell over, etc.  It took poor Joey a long time to feel safe enough to sleep soundly next to me on the couch or in our bed.  With a lot of love, patience and reassurance Joey was finally able to feel safe secure.  Joey was by the far, the most expressive pug we have ever had.  He would “voice” his exasperation with us by rolling his eyes and letting out a big sigh.  He would bark whenever he wanted something and would not stop until you got it for him, including when he was on the couch, dropped his Baby on the floor and didn’t want to jump down and get it himself!  He also LOVED his clothes – a sweater, down jacket and Giants jersey.  He thought he was sooooo handsome in them and we did NOTHING to deter his prancing around in them!  Sadly, poor Jo-Jo’s little hind end gave out about four years ago and he could no longer walk without dragging his back feet.  We got him a cart so he could continue to join us on our walks with our other pugs.  He did great for a long time, but as he got on in years, the cart began to be hard on his front shoulders.  We got him a stroller.  He thought he was a prince in that thing and he LOVED to be pushed in it on our walks.  Sadly, despite being in good spirits, poor Jo-Jo’s body gave out.  We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED him so very much and there is a HUGE hole in our hearts.  It has only been a day, and life is not the same without him.  Thank you for bringing him to us.  We miss him so very much.  Our lives were so much better for having had Joey in them and his paw prints will forever be on our hearts. (04.08.2015)

Erica Bertorello & George Besser


At the end of February 2015 our beloved pug Jack crossed the rainbow bridge and went to Heaven.  He was just a month shy of his 13th birthday and we all miss him very very much.  He came to us as a young puppy from Pug Rescue… apparently a young couple had purchased him from a breeder and then decided a puppy was too much for them to handle and they turned him into rescue.  Their loss became our great gain!  His first Pug Rescue foster family was the Fallins and they loved him, too, but after we babysat him one weekend, we asked them if could he come live here with us and they said yes… so we got very lucky that he came to be a part of our forever family.  We all called him Jack Puppy even after he was an adult.  He was a fun puppy and grew into a fun adult dog!  Periodically he would go spend time at Camp Fallin and visit them and have a joyous fun time with his other friends there.  The Fallins loved him as much as we did.  Jack’s personality was of a good-natured, no-agenda, non-complicated extra good soul.  He was our great and loved friend and we are so thankful he graced our lives… and I repeat… we miss him so very very much.  Big Hugs and Kisses to you in Heaven our angel Jack Puppy.

Rex & Tony


We had ups and downs in controlling his seizures but ultimately his seizures got too bad, and the vet believed he had PDE.  We are very sad to lose him. (03.12.2015)


With heavy hearts, PROS mourns the loss of hospice pug, Denny.  He will be greatly missed. (03.09.2015)


From Blair,
I am writing you today to let you know that our angel, little Miss Eva Maureen, the fawn pug in the attached pictures passed away yesterday afternoon due to her kidneys failing her.  Our hearts hurt, even after only having her for a few months, she was our baby and is missed.  When we got her, she slept alone in her doggie bed, after a while she became a pack dog and slept in our bed with us, our pug Sarah and our daughter dog Charlie.  She loved to cuddle under the blanket and lay outside in the sun when it warmed up recently.  We want to thank you for letting us give her the forever home she needed.  Knowing the outcome, we would do it for her again.

From Barbara,
Yesterday we lost our beautiful little Eva Maureen.  She brightened our days, each and every moment.  The love we felt for Eva will live on with our wonderful memories of her.  She loved to dance, with or without a partner.  She would trick me into believing she had to go potty bad!  And then run to the sun and lay down.  I love her devious side.  Watching the changes in her makes me a true believer in the fact that one can teach an old dog new tricks.  For the better, she wanted to be with us on the couch, in a chair, in our bed.  She became the cuddle bug.  Holding her, loving her, looking into her eyes and saying I love you was one of the most precious things we have experienced in our lives.  Eva will always be a blessing to us.  No matter the short time we were together, our time together will forever live on in our pictures, thoughts and precious memories we have of her.  She will truly be missed, she is truly missed….goodnight, Little One, go find Dizzy now.

From Sarah,
Little Miss Eva, I will miss my sisser forever.  You taught me it is ok to love again, thank you for all the primping sessions we shared.  I glad I could send you off is style.  I love you.

Barbara, Blair and Sarah


Butter, also known as “Butter Bean”, “Beannie”, and his full name of Lucky Butter O’Malley, given to him on his St. Patrick’s Day adoption on March 17th, 2005 by his loving humans Mark & Cassandra.

On January 3rd, 2015, Butter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his pug brother “Cheddar” and his pug friends that have past over the bridge before him.

A natural born snuggle bug, he never left his humans’ side (or lap).  He loved road trips with his human, chewing on his toys until the squeakers were dead, chasing the ball, chasing squirrels, getting treats, snuggling with his pug brother “Cheddar”, licking his humans, and hanging out at the dog park.

He was a founding member and the leader of The San Mateo Pug Meet-up for many years.  Many of the members were also PROS adoptees and they always seemed to share a special bond between each other.

Butter loved children and always took a moment to snuggle them and give them some kisses.

Butter was a popular and well known pug around town and will be missed by all who knew him.