It is with great sadness that PROS lost Hope early the morning of Nov. 16.  She was a very sweet girl who came from a shelter at the age of 5-6 yrs. old.  We believe she came into the shelter from a puppy mill along with four other pugs in January 2008.  Goodbye sweet Hope we’ll all miss you.


Our hospice pug, Savannah, crossed the rainbow bridge on 11.03.2014.


I’m very sad to tell you that Chuey passed away this past Friday.  We had 14 wonderful years with him all thanks to your lovely organization.  I don’t know if any of the people involved with us adopting Chuey are still with you, but if they are, please let them know he lived a long lovely life.

Chuey’s foster mom’s name was Susan.  I unfortunately do not remember her last name, but she lived with her son and husband in Elk Grove.  When she first got Chuey his name was Junior and Susan changed it to Jasper during the time she had him.  Also, Chuey was her first foster pug that she had to part with.

The two men who came to do our house inspection were named Lee and Michael, I do not remember their last names either, but they were very sweet when they did the home check.

This was almost 15 years ago, so I understand if you no longer have any records on Chuey, but if by chance you do, please make sure to tell these folks that Chuey did not suffer at the end and he was loved for every single second he was with us.

Monica & Dave


Our hospice pug, Baby crossed the rainbow bridge in Aug. 13, 2014.

» Baby & Beauty’s Story


Our Sadie passed away on August 4, 2014.  She was almost 15 years old and she was with us for over three years.  She went out with lost of rubs and lots of peanut butter!

Sadie had a strong personality but was such a sweetheart.  Despite her poor vision and hearing, she would defend her home with a firm bark when she would see our cat dash in front of her… even after the cat was long gone.  She also had a knack for rubbing up against our car’s muffler and subsequently gain an awesome black racing stripe on her back.  Those memories will always stick with us.

Thank you to Pug PROS for rescuing her, and thank you to Tim and Joan for fostering her before we adopted her.

–Debbie and Cameron (and Bernie, her pug companion)


It is Maritza Omar’s mommy.  I know, it has been too long since you’ve last received one of my emails.  I deeply apologize for this, life as you well know gets in the way far to often.

My dearest Omar turned 11 this year his birthday was in June; we spend it together – a pass time we both enjoy doing.

Omar’s heath has not been going well over the past 2 years.  He has unfortunately had to have an eye removed and the recovery was not the easiest for him.  With arthritis getting worse the use of his back legs has slowly been unavailable to him, I bought him a super comfortable stroller so that he would still be able to come with us for walks.  This past april hit us hard, though with his last eye developing glaucoma, he had also lost his hearing.  Last month this last eye took a turn for the worst and had developed an ulcer and yesterday the vet after taking a look at his eye stated that the cornea had torn and the eye would eventually rupture.

With the heaviest of all my heart I was forced to make the most difficult choice of my life.  Last night my baby Omar crossed over the rainbow bridge.  For the first time in 7 years he had to make an unknown journey without me.  He was surrounded by his loving family and I held him until the very end and even after I still clung to him, his little body always fitting just right in my arms.  A part of me has been lost forever.  I loved my Omar with ever fiber of my being and I tried so hard to make his forever home as comfortable and loving as I could for him.  Our lives together was nothing short of amazing.  I am utterly heart broken to think that this chapter has closed.  I miss him so much already, the house is so very quiet without the sound of his soft breathing or the click click click of him walking around.

My Omar is the first of many dogs in the my life I hope, but he was different, he was my first dog, my best friend the great love of my live.  He will forever be my lovely Omar.

I’ve placed in my favorite photo of my Omar and me.

Thank you for giving Omar to me.  He will be, by far, the greatest gift anyone will ever have given me.

With great sadness I say goodbye.


Just wanted to let you know Trevor passed away on July 7th 2014 at age 13, just shy of his 14th Birthday.  Gena helped us adopt him in 2006 at age 6.  He was the sweetest pug you could have, loved all dogs and people (didn’t like squirrels).  We got him when he was 6, it was love at first sight when we saw him.  He had 3 rescue friends in his time and loved them all.  We miss him so much already.  He was a great comfort during hard times, always there, always happy.  We’ll miss him everyday for the rest of our lives.

Dan, Gary, and Talulah.


Dear amazing PROS – It is with incredibly heavy heart that I write this email to inform you that our sweet Maurice crossed the rainbow bridge Monday June 23rd.  We adopted Maurice in early 2008 when he was four years old (a few months shy of turning five).  When we first brought him home he was anxious, didn’t want to be handled, and obese.  Our other pug Watson (then two years old) didn’t understand who this “kid” was and wanted to know when he was going home.  Fast forward about six months and Maurice had blossomed into a mush of love who was always looking for a lap, a belly rub, or cheese.  Maurice was then at a healthy weight, but continued to have what I lovingly referred to as “the brain of a fat kid”.  In addition, Watson got used to Maurice’s presence and actually enjoyed his companionship.  On walks, Watson would often stop and look around to make sure Maurice was with our little pack.  Watson taught Maurice how to play with toys and how to chew Nylabones and pizzles.  Our pug family was as happy as could be.

Early this year, Maurice started having a strange skin condition that was later diagnosed as cutaneous lymphoma.  This cancer is apparently quite rare in dogs, and even rarer in the pug breed.  Through a combination of steroids and chemo we were able to provide some level of comfort to Maurice so he could continue to be happy and to enjoy life.  Maurice powered through the days with love, energy, and seemingly unlimited happiness up until a few days before his passing. His sweet eyes finally told us he was tired and ready for the rainbow bridge.  We sadly accepted his message and did right by him.

If there is a heaven, I know Maurice is there, and he is happily barking at motorcycles and airplanes again and finally living in a house made of cheese.  What I know for sure is that his love and energy have forever changed our hearts.  There will be more pugs in our life because I can’t imagine life otherwise, but there will never be another Maurice.  They broke the mold.  I am forever grateful to PROS and to Darlene Castleman for uniting us with sweet Maurice.  He enriched our lives beyond words, and he will live on in our hearts and in our memories.

Pugs and kisses,
Lica, Colin, and Watson Hartman-O’Malley



We only knew Frank, aka Walter, for a short period of time, but he certainly made quite the impression on our hearts.  Unfortunately, he passed from a growth in his prostate, causing the prostate to be enlarged and close off his urinary tract.

We have many wonderful memories of Frank including going to beach, concerts in the park, and many trips to the dog park.  He loved meeting new people and greeting them with his gigantic tongue.  He was the sweetest little boy and he will be greatly missed.

Rudy (formerly Charlie)

It is with a VERY HEAVY heart, that my husband and I wanted to let you know that Rudy (formerly known as Charlie) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, June 28, 2014.  We adopted Rudy from PROS in March of 2004.  When we adopted Ru, he had been left behind in a home with a large bucket of water and a huge bag of food.  The new homeowners found him and turned him into PROS.  He weighed 42 pounds and could not walk up more than two stairs without getting winded.  From behind, he looked like Winnie the Pooh stuck in the honey pot.  When we adopted him, we agreed to get the weight off.  He was to be a pal for our other pound pug, Rocco.  The two bonded and became fast friends.  Rudy also took less than a week to bond with us.  He was by far the most lovable pug we have ever adopted (we went on to adopt two more pugs: Joey (formerly Jobu) from PROS and Frankie from Linda Hahn).  Ru loved belly rubs (and was shameless about rolling over for them), walks, basking in the sun while his people gardened, sitting on laps while watching TV, and most of all mealtime.  Rudy and Rocco were also well traveled.  Ru was a constant companion on our many road trips and he visited Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Palm Springs, Nevada City, Lake Tahoe and the Wine Country with us.  The last 10.5 years were better because Rudy was in our lives and we will be forever changed by his love.  We love and miss him very much, it feels like a big hole has been left in our hearts.

Erica Bertorello and George Besser



It’s with a sad heart and tears in my eyes that I inform you of the loss of my littler Chico.

I received him from a loving foster family in Sebastopol on a cold and rainy day.  I finally got him home to Elk Grove about 9PM the Monday before Thanksgiving.  He was a trooper.

Recovering from several procedures he accepted visitors on Turkey day and captured their hearts.  Over the years I was able to fatten him up a bit.  We walked every day.  He was a joy to all who met him.

He had contracted pneumonia and had a mass between his lungs.  Breathing was difficult at best.  I did the loving and caring thing for him.  He died in my arms.

I will remember his funny little bark.  His enthusiastic greetings.  Car rides and sitting on the couch while I read.  His soft fur, beautiful brown eyes and joyous appetite will all be missed.

Cathy Lorda


I’m sorry to tell you that Sassy went to the rainbow bridge this morning (May 1st).  She’s been sick for awhile and we had taken her to the vet and treated her for over a month.  The vet said that she was ready to go and she went quickly and quietly.

She was a sassy little thing and Bill was her favorite person in the whole world.  She did bring us lots of love and joy.  She’ll be missed, but no longer suffering.

Hope you and John are well.




Bella crossed the rainbow bridge on April, 20.



Milton crossed the rainbow bridge.  He was one of PROS’ hospice pugs.  He will be missed.



Dear Pug Rescue,

Einstein passed away on January 24, 2014.  He was so very tired but he had a fabulous life with me.  All the playing he could take, all the treats he wanted but did not get to have as it would have been never ending–that boy did like his treats–and a mom who worked from home so he never felt abandoned ever again.  He knew he was loved and he finally came to love me back.  It took awhile as he was so closed off when I got him but with lots of love, affection and attention, he came to understand that he was home and completely safe.

Thank you so much for bringing him to me.  He was truly the love and light of my life.