Pug Rescue of Northern California (PRNC) does not sell dogs, we adopt them out to compatible homes for an adoption fee of:

0-12 Months Old:  $500.00
1-2 Years Old:  $450.00
3-8 Years Old:  $350.00
9+ Years Old:  $150.00

We do not place pugs on a first come, first served basis – instead, we try to match up the needs of the pugs with the desires and lifestyle of the adopting family. 

Please Note:  Our rescued pugs will not be adopted to homes, or placed in foster care to homes where all the current resident dogs are not spayed or neutered.  Exceptions will be made if there is a medical reason for your dogs not being spayed/neutered but a veterinarian letter will be required as proof.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Pugs and pug mixes that are adopted through us have received needed vaccinations, a heartworm test, are on heartworm preventative, and have been examined by a veterinarian.  In many cases, the dog may have had other medical procedures or surgery while in PRNC care.  PRNC will disclose any medical conditions that we know about prior to the adoption.

  1. We now require an application fee of $25.00.  Applications without payment will not be processed.  This fee is nonrefundable.  After submitting payment through Paypal, you will be redirected to the application form.  Please fill out the entire form.
  2. If your application is approved, a Pug Rescue of Northern California volunteer will contact you to do a home check.  This allows us to make sure that the home is “pug proofed” and otherwise compatible for the new adoptee.  Depending on volunteer availability, the home visit can take 2 to 4 weeks to be done.
  3. When we have a pug or pug mix, which we feel might be a suitable match for you; we will give you a call.  We try to have the prospective adopter meet the dog at the home of the people who have been fostering the dog.  This allows you to see the dog in a familiar environment.  We require all of the family members of the potential adopting family to make this visit together.  If all parties are in agreement that this pug or pug mix is the right match, and a home visit has been completed, (see #2) there is a 24 hour waiting period before an adoption can be completed.  This is to try to assure that the decision is based on more than spur-of-the-moment pure emotion, a decision that will later be regretted.  Our goal is to find a “forever” home for these pugs and pug mixes; we want this to be a well considered addition of a new “family member”.
  4. The last step in the adoption process is the signing of the adoption agreement.  The agreement requires, among other things, that the adoptive family keep the dog current on all vaccinations and medications, contacts Pug Rescue of Northern California prior to euthanizing the dog (except in cases if extreme medical emergency) and contact Pug Rescue of Northern California if they can no longer keep the dog for any reason.

The time you can expect to wait until you hear from a representative depends on many factors.  We take into consideration many things when placing a dog, and the more open you are to age, color, gender, physical condition or pug mixes, the more likely you will hear from us sooner.  We cannot predict how many or what type of pugs or pug mixes come through our rescue, and cannot therefore predict how long your wait will be.  Puppies are, as a general rule, not turned into rescue, (especially not healthy puppies) and the average age of our rescues is about 5 years old.  Because of this, if you are adamant about getting a young (under the age of 2), healthy pug, the wait may be several months or far longer.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out the application form.