This is a wonderful poem written by a friend of PROS that we just had to share.  Enjoy…  

by Susan Vander Burght, March 2010

You might think my bones are old,
my gait a tad too slow.
Sure, I don’t run and jump as much,
and maybe I’m not quite as cute.
But wait – please pay attention!
I’ve got a story to relate.

Of this you may not be aware:
I stem from a proud and ancient breed.
Prized by royal courts of Chinese emperors;
protectors of Tibetan mountain monasteries;
bravely attending humans for countless centuries!
We were revered and bestowed with the title of ‘Fu’.
Can you not tell it is my supreme desire
to be attentive to you?

A home? Yes, I’ve had a few –
where tales of joy turned to tales of woe;
once more, I found myself on the move.
I’ve seen it all throughout the years –
joblessness, death, divorce.
I pleaded for them to keep me.
Did they not see the sadness in my eyes?
Though I whimpered and cried,
it made not a bit of difference
that I was noble, steadfast, kind.

Yes, I admit I’m a trifle weary,
but it’s my search that has tired me so.
My round brown eyes are full of yearning,
though my spirit is wise and strong.
Please, I beg, take a chance
and bring elfin me along.
I so wish for a home, you see,
to call my very own.
A little place, a little space,
where I can feel safe and carefree.

Please believe, I’m loyal through thick and thin.
Is your human heart generous enough
to allow an older pug in?
As you may surmise, I’ve already made my decision!
I would dearly love for you to be
the special someone who adopts mellow me.

I’ll give you no nonsense, to this I can attest;
for I am mature and fully experienced.
I do not chew, nor do I fuss.
And you’ll have my solemn promise
to cause not an ounce of trouble.
I’ll curl up sweetly by your feet,
or be delighted just to cuddle!
And when you talk, my head will tilt,
hanging on your every word.
I’ll be your constant canine companion,
forever trusting in the compassionate human soul.

So don’t be fooled, there’s still a spring in my step.
A senior pug’s heart is young and bursting with love.
Always giving our best to humankind,
I’ve had no loving family for such a long time.
How I wish you would call me ‘mine’!

Oh, wait… but now I think I see,
that… just maybe… you are looking at me!
My leash clicks on;
we’re walking steadily along,
already building a bond.

Then some papers are signed.
Will everything really be fine?
This is so hard for me to believe.
Yet the car door opens.
Gentle hands lift me inside.
Hmmm, are we going for a ride?

A house appears, with a plush green lawn.
Can this truly be?
We step through the door,
I gaze tentatively around.
All is peaceful and cozy and warm.

Dare I dream this is my own?
It is true – happily true, indeed!
Here I am cheerily greeted,
with soft toys all about.
And now I can rest my head
on my comfy new bed.
Ah, at last I am welcomed home!