PRNC alumni, Zapo crossed the rainbow bridge in September 2022.

Message from Zapo’s Mom

I don’t know where to begin… There is not a single day that I can’t stop thinking about you Zapo. Over 13 years ago you came to my life, I was trying to figure out so many things in my younger years. You helped me to settled down, I met wonderful people because of you, you went through my dating stage, I took you on my dates because you needed to proved who was going in be in our lives, you were with me in good and bad moments, my mom passing, you licked my tears, abusive marriage/divorced you gave me support and so much love, you didn’t get jealous when I brought our baby home from the hospital, you wanted to take care of our baby as well. I miss you my furry child. You were my partner in crime. I will always say you were my first child and I will never forgive you. You were the best dog that I’ve ever had. You have left my life, but you will never leave my memories and my heart. Missing you unconditionally love 💔 Mommy