Ickus and Oblina

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Hi!  Our names are Ickus (also known as Icky) and Oblina (also known as Miss Tiny), and we come as a package deal because Oblina is totally blind, and Icky is her “seeing eye dog”.  We were given up because our family moved out of the country and couldn’t take us along. 

Update:  Oblina crossed the rainbow bridge on Dec. 29, 2021.
I am a tiny little 9 year old blind pug girl who probably won’t win any beauty pageants, but there is something absolutely adorable about me.  I make the strangest grunting sounds when someone gives me a good back rub.  I snore.  My tongue sticks out.  One of my eyes bulges and looks yucky.  I am a hermaphrodite.  I have assorted minor health issues, including seasonal allergies.  I have memorized the layout of my foster home, but still do sustain injuries from bumping into things.  I banged my head on the wall when I was following another dog (who failed to tell me he was going to turn). I trip over things that are left out of place; but I am a tough little girl and I try my best.  Some people might think I am not the most desirable of pugs, but my foster family is crazy about me!  I am indescribably endearing!

Update:  Ickus crossed the rainbow bridge on July 3, 2019.
My name is Ickus (aka Icky), and I am an 8 year old fawn pug boy who is employed fulll time as Oblina’s seeing eye dog and helper.  I like to look after her and take care of her and lick her lovingly.
Unlike practically every other dog in the universe, I LOVE bath time!  I like to be washed and groomed.  I sit patiently like a good boy, and say – “Make me even more handsome than I already am!”  I’m not that into cuddling with people, but when I am happy, I like to roll around and make silly noises.  I love a good back-scratching.  I am learning better manners: I have stopped jumping on everyone.  Now I am working on not mouthing people when they pet me, and not running between people’s legs.  I had some strange baseball-sized grey patches on both hips when I first arrived at Pug Rescue; but they are now quarter-sized and nearly healed.  I am a very adorable boy.