Our hospice pug, Otis crossed the rainbow bridge on Nov. 21, 2021 from long term illness.  He is young again and running and playing since crossing the rainbow bridge.

Original Story

Otis (13) was an owner surrender who came in from deplorable conditions with his mama Winnie.  They were completely bonded and dependent on each other.  Both managed to recover most of their health while being fostered, thanks to the help of PRNC.  Unfortunately, Winnie passed away do to an infection she just couldn’t fight, and Otis was left to mourn.  We’re happy to say he’s doing really well now.  He’s settled in at the Pug Hotel Senior Pug Sanctuary where he enjoys the company of his fellow forever fosters.  He still has a few problems with house training, along with a lingering skin condition.  He loves to be outdoors or snuggled with his friends on a soft mat by the fire.  Walks are a joy with him as he mosses along discovering new sights and smells.  Otis will live out the rest of his days in comfort at the Pug Hotel.