Our hospice pug, Ginger crossed the rainbow bridge on August 19, 2021.

Original Story

Hello, my name is Ginger.  I’m a sassy 15-year-old fawn female.  I’m kind of a needy little girl and I will tell you why…. I’m unable to express my bladder completely so my family has to express my bladder several times a day.  I have UTI’s quite often which requires special attention with going to my favorite doctors office.  I also have spinal issues that are not allowing me to go up and down stairs, so I do kind of have the life of luxury being carried up and down stairs.  I love to go out with my family for walks but I’m in the stroller which is SUPER COOL.  I want to thank my Wonderful foster family for taking care of me and having patience with me as I have accidents in the house often..  They just clean up the mess and they tell me it’s Okay.  Hugs to them.  If you are looking to help a pug in need, please consider ME.. even a small donation of $5.00 monthly will help with my continued medical expenses and special Science Diet food that I must eat.  Thanks for reading my story!