Our hospice pug, Clyde crossed the rainbow bridge on Feb. 15, 2021.

Original Story

Clyde is a sweet quiet 16-year-old senior Pug.  He had a “Bonnie” at one point but Bonnie passed on.  Clyde’s owner moved to a assisted living home out of California.  She thought it best that Clyde lives out his senior years in sunny California.

Clyde now is at a permanent foster/hospice home with a wonderful volunteer family that loves Senior Dogs.

With age can come medical problems.  Our boy Clyde had a very large mass that was blocking his rectal canal.  He had that removed on January 20th this year.  He pulled through the surgery fine and the Veterinarian said the mass was all removed.  The down side is the mass was cancerous and with time it will grow back.

Clyde is much more comfortable now when he has to go #2 potty as you can imagine!

Clyde lives with “Sasha” a 15-year-old black female pug , “Chaco” a 10-year-old German Shepherd Dog, and 8 out door cats.  Everyone gets along harmoniously and we know Clyde has landed in a soft spot.