PRNC almuni, Angus (formerly Bully) crossed the rainbow bridge in January, 2021.

Message from Angus’ Family

This past weekend we had to put our beloved Angus the Pug to rest.  It was so hard…

We agonized over it for weeks, but realized we had no choice since his health was rapidly deteriorating.  Fortunately, he had two great days before we put him down.  We took him on his favorite walk, and we gave him plenty of food to eat which is one of his favorite pastimes.  The house is so quiet without him here.  Yes, he brought the noise; barking when someone left the room, barking at Burt the cat, barking when Scott left him, to snoring all day and night!  I miss that little noise maker.  May he rest in doggie peace.

Dear Angy We hope you are having fun in doggie heaven.  We hope you are chasing as many border collies as you can find!  We also hope you are being the cattle dog you think you were meant to be.  We love you and miss you so much!

Scott & LaTasha Mahar