Letter from Jackson to Family
“My Dearest Dads,
I know this was a hard day for you both.  I LOVE you both so much especially knowing I had so many health issues.  You and my siblings showered me with so much love and welcomed me into your family 5 years ago.  Your love was unconditional.  These past months my body started to deteriorate and you were kind to clean up after me.  Never once you got mad at me when I had my accidents, you understood what I was going through.  My body is tired and simply it’s time to let me rest.  The last 5 years of being with you were the best years of my life!

Thank you to Andrew and Cathy for rescuing and for bringing me to my daddies.  You saved me and I never forgot that.  Do you remember how overweight I was which developed all the health issues I endured through the years.

Thank you again to everyone for loving me so much.  It’s that time for me to cross over the rainbow bridge.
With all my LOVE, Jackson”

Message from Jackson’s Family
Jackson was the most gentle pug we have ever known and loved. Never had a fight with any of his siblings. You were our gentle pug bear. You will be missed. You have a very special part of our hearts! ❤️ Have fun and run free among the heavenly angels!!

We love you always Jackson!

Original Story

I’m Jackson.  I’m 6 years old with some serious health issue which PROS will take care of me.  My fosters will make sure to watch over me.  I need to stay calm and in a cool home.  I’ve been trying to lose weight as I came into PROS at over 34 lbs, and now have lost 10 lbs!  I would love your support!