Chelsea crossed the rainbow bridge.

Message from Chelsea’s Family (Nov. 2018)

My darling 12 yr old Chelsea (AKA China) went to sleep this week after being adopted as a hospice dog 6 yrs ago due to liver shunt.  She had a wonderful life w her bff Spartacus (and an additional pug mix Polly) here in Ireland when I retired from nursing in San Fran 2013.  We moved home with my pugs from USA and added 3 cats and five ponies to our life in the country on two acres.  She went thru retirement marriage moving abroad and my widowhood as a constant loving companion…a perfect pug til the end when she collapsed in liver failure.  She will be cremated and buried with me along w late Duke and Duchess.

Thanks for giving her to me to spend her life with…the medical regimen PROS advised of lactolose and Hills Liver diet gave us years of lively enjoyment together.

Never enough tho.

Bridie Kelly O’Shaughnessy Adare, Co. Limerick Ireland

Original Story

My name is Chelsea aka China Doll and I am a sweet, silky soft and silly 6-year-old fawn female pug that was surrendered because my elderly owner went into a nursing home and the family could not take care of me.  I love to flop around on the rug.  I am a champion rug-flopper.  And if you try to brush me, I go completely “boneless” and just fall over to enjoy it.  Sometimes my foster parents call me flopsy.  I have A LOT of nicknames.

When I came in to PROS, I got very sick with seizures and ended up in a coma.  They found out that I have a Liver Shunt.  But I am now on Amoxicillin that I take with my food once a day (it is not very expensive, fortunately) and a special food (Science Diet LD).  And you’d never know I was ever sick, it’s pretty amazing!

I’m a sweet and gorgeous girl, about 25 pounds and quite tall.  I love to lie in the sun all morning.  Don’t like baths one bit.  Luckily, I smell nice so I don’t need them very often.  Would you like to take me home?  I prefer homes with rugs to flop and roll around on.  I’m not so keen on little kids, but anyone over 12 is fine with me.