Walton was adopted by Lisa & Greg Harris.

Original Story

Walton is a 1.5 year old pug/terrier mix.  He is a healthy, happy, playful puppy who is very dedicated and bonded to his human family.  He enjoys carrying around plush toys and running with them, as if in a game of keep away.  His puppy play can be a little rough, so he would not be appropriate in a home with infants, but would be fine in a household with children who know how to set limits on his mouthing.  He is house broken and knows how to use a doggie door.  He comes quickly when called but needs work with other obedience commands.  Walton eats his meals a few pieces of kibble at a time over one or more hours.  Because of this, he needs to be in a home where his food bowl can be left available for long periods of time.  He likes walks of a few blocks.  His endurance could be increased if desired.  He has a “cherry eye” (everted nictitating membrane) in his right eye that will be corrected on September 4.  He has had all of his shots and is ready to join his forever family.  His happiness is contagious and will warm any household.