Frank was adopted by Joseph, Jillian Skurkis & Family.

Original Story

My name is Frank and here’s my story: In the past, I have gotten out a few times from my home and this last time I got out, there were some pug lovers from my town knew who I belonged to.  They contacted my owner which was registered to my microchip, my owner said I didn’t belong to them.  WHAT?  This was news to me and it broke my heart.  My right eye had an injury, I was then taken to the local shelter as now I was homeless and injured.  While at the shelter I had to wait the stray hold time before I could be rescued.  My eye injury was so severe that my eye ended up rupturing causing me a lot of pain and discomfort, I was treated with pain medicine and eventually my eye was removed.  When it was removed they found fox tails in my eye which was the reason my eye ended up injured.  I’m now recovering with a wonderful foster family and I’m feeling much better.  Thanks to Pug Rescue of Sacramento and all their wonderful volunteers, I wouldn’t want to think where my life would be now without them.  PROS takes in pugs of any age or injury and will spend thousands of dollars a year rescuing and healing homeless pugs.