Max crossed the rainbow bridge.

Message from The Pug Rescue of Sacramento Family (Aug. 2018)

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of one of our hospice pugs, Max.  4 years ago, we took Max and his sister, Polly, out of the Oakland shelter.  They were dropped there in their golden years, around 13 years old.  We found them a wonderful foster home.  After Polly passed on in December 2014 and Max had been in foster for over a year, he became a hospice pug.  We decided to stop looking for a forever home for him, because he had already found that home with his foster parents!  Godspeed, Max.  We miss you.

The Pug Rescue of Sacramento Family

Original Story

Hi.  My name is Max.  I’m a 14 year old senior boy that was dropped off with my 13 year old sister Polly at the Oakland Shelter in 2014.  We were put into a WONDERFUL foster home since my sister Polly passed away in December 2014.  I have been with PROS for over 1 year now and have decided that I love my foster Mom & Dad so much that I want to stay with them.  Thank you for reading my story and it’s never too late to donate to PROS to help support a hospice pug like myself.