Mugz was adopted by Cynthia & Edward Schyler.

Original Story

Mugzy here!  I’m a 3-year-old boy, looking for my forever home.  I’m very active and love to be under foot whether you’re in the kitchen, cooking dinner or doing chores around the house.  Wherever you are, I will be your shadow.  I have been with PROS for awhile, working on my health issues.  With wonderful care from local veterinarians, UC Davis AND my awesome foster family, I am ready for my new life.  I’m SOOOO handsome!  I have a very unique congenital neurological disease called a “subarachnoid diverticulum” that was diagnosed with advanced imaging via MRI (this was able to be done thanks to so many generous donations to my ‘go fund me’ fundraiser!!!)  This disease is caused from fluid that fills out the pouching along the spinal cord and compresses nerves.  This causes abnormalities in my back legs.  Though I’m able to move my back legs, I lack coordination and am unable to walk around with a normal gait.  The compression also limits my ability to control my urination and defecation, making me incontinent sometimes.  It does have the possibility to progress as I age.  So with this type of disease, I will need regular check ups with a veterinarian and special TLC at home.  Since I’m not a candidate for any type of surgery, I will be on lifelong medications to help with inflammation along my nerves and help control my bladder.  I have a very cool wheelchair that I love to cruise around in when we’re out and about and going for walks.  Don’t let my disease fool you.  I’m still a very active like any other 3-year-old pugs.

Here’s a SHOUT OUT to my WONDERFUL foster family.  Thank you for the hours of tireless research and time spent finding a diagnosis for me.  You are the epitome of rescue.  You never gave up!!  Hugs and Kisses😘😘  I know I will need a special family, but I know they’re out there.  I have such a wonderful life ahead of me.  I have lots of love and cuddles to share.