Billy crossed the rainbow bridge.

Message from Billy’s Family (Mar. 2018)

I’m sad to let you know we had to say goodbye to Bill (aka Billy aka Billy Idol aka Mr. Bill), adopted through PROS in January 2007.  Severe end stage liver and kidney disease.  😭  He was a part of our family for 11 years, but probably between 15 and 17 years old.  He was an amazing fit for our family and we are forever grateful to PROS for him.  We are heartbroken and incomplete without him.

Jessica Frantzich (Springgay) and family

Message from Billy’s Family for 1 Year Anniversary (Jan. 2008)
My name is Jessica and my significant other and I adopted Billy on Jan 21, 2007.  I wanted to give you a few updates.  We celebrated a year since adopting him with a little party – dog cake, party hats and all.  I can’t believe a year went so quickly, but at the same time it feels as if he’s always been a part of the family, because he fits in so well.  He and our little girl, Charlie Bean, get along so well.  We love him so, so much and are so thankful to you and PROS for making such a perfect match.  The second update is that we have moved.  We bought a house just a few blocks away from the townhouse we were in, so we are still walking distance to the river and park.  The front yard also has a little white fence, so they can play out front too (but never unattended!).  The house already came with dog doors Billy and Charlie enjoying their new backyard and snoozing in the sun.

Jessica & Jared