Gracie was adopted by Shari Goodman & Lorraine Martinez.

Original Story

Hi my name is Gracie and I am 7 years old fawn female.  I’m a very sweet pug who wants human contact as much as possible.  I prefer to sit on a human lap, or at least next to someone on the couch.  If I can’t sit on your lap, I am usually leaning against your leg or foot.  I like to jump on the couch so I can be next to my humans, I should not be restricted from doing that.  I walk well on leash and actually like baths and I do the happy pug dance after baths.  I do snore loudly and at the same time I’m not a barker.  I’m still undergoing housetraining and will use the doggy door.  I’m fine with kids and cats don’t bother me.  I can be a bit dominant with my foster pug sister, I just want the attention.  I also must tell you I have just one eye to see.  My one eye must be lubricated with drops as I get dry eye and it should be kept moisten.  I’m looking for my forever home who will be committed with putting lubricant eye drops to keep my pretty eye seeing well.  My ideal home is with someone who will sit on the couch for long periods of time holding me on your lap.  Special Needs: Missing 1 Eye and is completely blind in the other eye.  Gracie would be good with another seeing pug to guide her.

NAME: Gracie
AGE: 7 yr