Tyson crossed the rainbow bridge at 4:30pm on 12.26.2017.

Tyson is recently rescued from a situation where his owners were unable to care for him.  Tyson is a fawn male pug who will be 13 years young on November 28, 2017.  A total cuddle pug!  His favorite past times are sitting with his humans on the couch, watching his humans cook and going walks in the puggy buggy around the neighborhood.  He does need to cruise around in a stylish wheeled mode of transportation for any extended walk as he has some issues with his elbow.  This is cared for with a daily dose of Tramadol and watching his weight.  This handsome fella was brought to us weighing in at an incredible 37 lbs.  With diet and exercise, he has accomplished his weight loss goal and now comes in at 27 lbs.  He is also deaf, but he watches the world around him for cues and is a fast learner.  With his incredible weight loss goal met Tyson is looking for his forever family.

Update:  Tyson is doing well, he loves other dogs, people, cats and bunnies too!  Tyson wants to sit on the couch and Netflix and chill with you with the occasional ear scratch.

Please open your hearts to this little guy… he needs your love ♥