Our hospice pug, Cami crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2017.

Cami is a 2 year old fawn female pug that was never claimed from the shelter and was facing euthanasia.  She has scoliosis and that creates physical limitations, she tilts her head a little bit and sometimes walks to the left.  She is a very loving dog despite her disabilities and is very healthy otherwise.  Cami loves to give pug kisses and she loves her human and doggy companions.  Cami will receive acupuncture treatments as needed when she gets older as she is expected to have some mobility problems in the future as she ages.  Cami has been a PROS pug since September of 2006.

Thank you to Cami’s sponsors for their generous support: Joanne Clark, Linda & David Baca, Michelle Trudelle and Remedios Poquiz.  Also thank you to Delmar Orrell and Miss Sally Bobbin for their donation.