Hobo was adopted by Candy and Peter Judson & family.

Original Story  |  08.24.2017

I know what you’re thinking…  That’s NOT a pug.  No, I’m not.  What I am, is one very lucky Boston Terrier!!  They are calling me Hobo, and here’s my story.

I was found wandering in 109 degree heat.  A good samaritan took me out of the heat to an emergency vet.  When they couldn’t find my peeps, they took me to the shelter hoping someone was looking for me.  But no one came.  So I waited… and waited.  And no one wanted me.  But as luck would have it, PROS saw me and knew that I would probably just keep getting passed over.  And lucky for me, a previous PROS adopter also has Bostons and offered to foster me.  YAY ME!!!

So here’s some info on me.
I’m 9ish years old.  The vet says my teeth are in good shape and I’m healthy.  I’m good with dogs and cats.  I love being with my peeps.  I like car rides and walks.  My foster says I’m a very easy going guy.  Don’t let my age fool you.  I have lots of adventures ahead of me.  I hear my new life awaits me, and is just around the corner!