Darby crossed the rainbow bridge in March, 2017.

Jim and Charlotte Perkins, with their pug Raja Bell, submitted an application to PROS to foster in October 2014.  A friend of Charlotte’s, Joyce, had recently passed away and her two pugs had gone back to PROS.  Charlotte was heartbroken as she would have taken the pugs in.  Within a week a call came in about an 11 year old female pug who had ended up at Bones Rescue in Covelo after a stint in the Mendocino Animal Shelter.  She was deemed unadoptable.  Her human man had been moved to an Alzheimer facility and his PROS alumni Darby sent to the pound.  He had adopted her in 2010 according to PROS records.  So this poor girl was again looking for a home.  Bones saved her but she couldn’t walk, and didn’t really interact.  We brought her home on November 1, 2014, with a wheelchair, doggie wheels provide by Tim & Julie Knudson, wonderful animal fosters in Ukiah.  Within two weeks Darby didn’t want to use the wheels anymore, she was trying to walk on her own.  We were told she might only have a few months, she was laden with infections, the worst being Corynebacterium.  Surgery was recommended but we said no way could she survive that.  A regiment of antibiotics was prescribed, and after a year she beat it.  Although she is still taking meds for other issues, she’s doing great… a year and a half later.  She loves traveling in our RV and camping and meeting other dogs.  Lately she’s been giving us kisses and letting us know she has to go outside.  And she finally took to a toy, maybe her first one, a little monkey we call Your Baby.  Our goal was to give her love and comfort in her final days and she now is able to give love back.  Her rainbow is way off in the distance.