Duke was adopted by Michelle Arnold & Family.

Original Story  |  10.26.2016

Hi!  My name is Duke.  I stated off as a mess when I came into Pug Rescue of Sacramento but now have become one of the happiest pups that my fosters have ever fostered.  My tail is always wagging, and I love to dance in circles for my grub.  I’m very well adjusted and I get along with everyone.  I like kids and dogs alike.  I’m house-trained, sleeps in a wire crate at night, and have learned to walk on a leash which the vets said most likely couldn’t do because of my legs.  I love to prove people wrong as I’m a fighter!

With that said I can only walk about a block or so but I love it.  I’m very attached to my humans and love to be close to them, and to show you that I love you, I love to rub against you!  My foster mom thinks I’m so cute when I do that.  I came into Pug Rescue of Sacramento with a skin issue and I’m still being treated for a skin yeast infection but I’m so much better.  I’m guessing within a few more weeks, I will be perfect.  I eat twice daily, with healthy snacks during the days.  Don’t I sound like a great dude to add to your family?