Regina crossed the rainbow bridge in January, 2017.

Hi!  My name is Regina, but please call me GIGI.  I came back to PROS in November 2013.  I’ve been through quite a lot in my nine years, but I feel lucky.  Three years ago I ended up in a shelter and was taken in by PROS for the first time.  They helped me find a wonderful lady to adopt me.  I loved her very much, but she got sick and passed away, leaving instructions in her will to return me to PROS so that I could find another loving home.  When PROS welcomed me back in, I had terrible yeast and bacterial skin infections all over my body and ear infections.  Unfortunately, toward the end, my owner was too sick to take good care of me.  My foster mom has been fixing me up and treating my skin.  My fur is starting to fill back in and I’m told I smell more like a proper lady now.

I have poor eyesight due to dry eye and need eye drops, but despite that I get around very well.  I can find and know how to use a doggy door or potty pads.  Sometimes I do get surprised by something that “sneaks” up on me, so I am hoping to find a quiet, loving home where I am an “only child” and all I have to do is sit on your lap and be your companion.

Otherwise, I’m in good health, up-to-date on shots, heartworm-negative, and spayed.  I am nearly over my skin problems and excited to find a place to call my own.  Please find it in your heart to give me that home.  I promise to be your best friend.