Diesel crossed the rainbow bridge on Jan. 5, 2017.

It is with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to Diesel.  Diesel came to me in January of 2014 in really bad shape.  But due to the diligence of Pug Rescue of Sacramento and the vet, we were able to nurse him back to health.  However, we did find out that he was diabetic, which lead to the loss of an eye and almost blind in the other.  But this little guy was such a trooper, and I loved him with all my heart.  He would be so patient with me before each feeding when I had to take his blood to determine how much insulin to give him.  He had so much heart and was so incredibly sweet to be with.  He loved to eat – boy did he love to eat, this boy would eat all day if I let him.  He loved to play with his toys and he loved to cuddle.  I will miss him laying next to me on the couch all cuddled up while watching a little TV before bed.  He was such a good boy and loved to go on car rides, he didn’t care where he was going, just that he got to ride in the car 🙂  This little man was with me thru the worst of my times and helped me realize that I need to live each day to they fullest because you never know what life will throw at you next.  He was my side kick, my best friend.  We let him cross over the rainbow bridge on Thursday January 5, 2017.  I was so fortunate to hold him in my arms while he peacefully went to sleep and crossed over.  Forever in my heart, but never forgotten.

Original Story  |  03.02.2014

Hi, I’m Diesel.  I’m a sweet boy who loves belly rubs and car rides!  I came into PROS on January 27, 2014 as a found stray, wondering the streets.  I was in bad, bad shape.  My fur was falling out in patches on my back and I was limping.  That was when I first met my loving foster parents.

They took me to the vet and I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection on my skin, infections in both my ears, and a degenerative joint disease in my legs.  The vet made my foster parents give me antibiotics to fix me up.  And it worked.  My ears felt better and my fur started growing back.  But, unfortunately my problems weren’t that simple.  It was discovered I had a urinary tract infection due to critical diabetes that had been left untreated for some time.  I had to take stronger antibiotics and started getting two insulin shots a day.

I was then referred to the Orthopedic Specialists at UC Davis for treatment of my joint disease.  Part of my poor, neglected past was discovered there.  One of my front legs had been broken and never treated.  My other front leg has degenerative joint disease (no cartilage).  My hind legs both have torn ACL’s.  I have four painful legs that will need surgeries for treatment.  Yes, you heard right, all four.

That’s a lot to take in, I know, but while at UC Davis it was discovered I was facing yet another battle, unexpected and critical.  I had gone blind.  I was sent to the Ophthalmology Department at UC Davis and diagnosed with diabetic cataracts.  My story gets a little sadder.  My left eye is unable to be saved.  The retina has detached and is causing me a lot of pain.  My right eye, although blind, will be able to be saved with a cataract replacement.

So I have caught you up to my current standing.  My surgery to have my left eye removed and my right eye repaired is coming up.

After I have recovered from my eye surgery, the focus will be put back on treating my legs.  In the meantime, I will be working with a nutritionist to slim down a bit to relieve some pressure from my legs.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that overweight, but a little loss wouldn’t hurt.  Since I can’t be an active dog right now and I have diabetes, I have to be extremely careful with managing my diet.

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