Hugo was adopted by Selfridge Family.

Original Story  |  09.08.2016

Hi, I’m Hugo, but I might be better known as “Chunk”.  I’m a 5-month-old love muffin.  I came into PROS seemingly healthy, just a silly puppy looking for fun.  However, two days ago, the vet discovered I have a serious, life-threatening condition that was masked by my lack of symptoms.  I have a liver shunt.  It was discovered when I went into get neutered.  The routine blood work before surgery showed elevated bile acids, which is an indicator for a liver shunt.  In fact, my numbers were so bad the vet feels it is vital to have surgery to repair the liver shunt in the next two weeks or I may begin to have seizures.  A normal reading is 15, and my blood work came back as 245!

A liver shunt is a blood vessel that causes my blood to bypass my liver.  This means toxins are building up in my system and I am at risk.  (You can read more about liver shunts at: WHAT IS LIVER SHUNT? .)

This surgery is urgent!
We hope to reach our goal quickly.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!!!  Also, please share and help our campaign reach as many people as possible.

Thank you!

UPDATE (10.24.2016):

Hugo had surgery last week.  After a few days of recovery at the vet’s, he is now back with his foster family.  The surgeon said the liver shunt was the largest shunt he has ever repaired (and he has done hundreds).  So far, Hugo’s recovery is going well.  Blood work will be done at a later date to determine the complete success of the surgery.

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated toward his surgery and made this possible!!