Louie was adopted to the Gerhard Family.

Louie is doing WONDERFUL and the liver shunt surgery was a success!  He loves his new family.  This was a long time coming but he’s a very happy and healthy boy 😀

Thank you very much to everyone who donated toward his surgery to save him!

Original Story  |  03.24.2016

Hi, I’m Louie.  I came into Pug Rescue of Sacramento at about 4 months old.  Although you would have never believed it based on my size.  I was so tiny!  Turns out, that is because I have a liver shunt.  A liver shunt is a blood vessel that causes the blood to bypass the liver.  This means toxins built up in my system and I lacked the protein and energy to grow strong.  Having a liver shunt is a serious medical condition.  You can read more about it here: WHAT IS LIVER SHUNT?

Right now, I am on medicine and a special diet.  I have to take my medicine every 8 hours.  I’m really good about it though and it has helped me a lot!  I am growing and have energy to play.  I have a favorite squeak toy that I run crazy with and play fetch with.  I even sleep with it at night.

Even though I am doing better on the medicine and special food, in order to live a longer, much healthier life, I will need an expensive surgery soon to repair the liver shunt.  My foster mom tells me stories about a loving family out there somewhere that will soon find me, and if my surgery is successful, they will adopt me and keep me forever.  I want that dream to come true!

PROS needs help!  Can you help them give me this surgery so I can make my dream come true?  Any little bit will help!  And please share!