Milo was adopted by Stephanie & Lance Walters.  Milo has a new pug sister, Sasha, and german shepherd brother, Leo 🙂

Original Story  |  03.17.2016

My name is Milo.  I am a high-energy neutered male Pug.  I love to take walks on a leash, romp and play.  I will chase my tail and invent other running games just because I enjoy it.  I enjoy playing tug of war over a toy, bring back a toy after you throw it, and I enjoy chewing on my toys.  I do not chew on shoes or other possessions.  Like all pugs, my favorite things are food and human company.  I am housebroken, I know how to use a doggie door, I know basic obedience commands (sit and down) and I enjoy learning new things.  I am very smart and I am working on “shake” and a few other behaviors now.  If you ask, I will sit while you put my food bowl on the floor and will wait until you tell me it is OK to eat.  Just don’t wait too long!

I get along just fine with other dogs.  But I am a bit territorial and will bark at dogs in the neighborhood, other strange noises and people walking past windows.  I am not angry at any of these things, but I want everyone to know that this is my space.  I do not share my house with birds well.  They make noises and their quick moves get me too excited.

I am a fairly healthy pug.  I have had all of my shots.  I do have a problem with my eyes and I need eye drops every day.  I tolerate this well, but it is something I need your help with to keep me healthy.  I may have food allergies.  I am on a diet so that I get no wheat or grain products.  This keeps me healthy.  I lost some of my hair before because I was on the wrong diet.  My hair is nearly all regrown and I am hoping to keep it with your help.  My vet thinks I am healing well and I do not expect further problems as long as I am kept on the right food.

I am always happy and I hope I can share my enjoyment of life with my new forever family.