Sebastian was adopted by: Genevieve Blanchard.

Original Story  |  02.01.2016

Here’s a little bit about Sweet Sebastian.  He’s approximately 6 months old, and is one week post op from being neutered as well as having one eyeball removed after it fell out of its socket and was unable to be repaired.  Sebastian was born with improperly placed kneecaps and one missing vertebra in his back.  The result is that he walks like a crab, but he navigated the world amazingly well (including stairs) and doesn’t seem to notice he is different in any way.  He is fully continent and is doing a fantastic job with his potty training.  He does great with hard floor but would do much better with some carpet in the home.

Despite the little man’s laundry list of issues, he is a healthy, incredibly happy little love who does amazingly with other dogs of all sizes and is very gentle and loving with small children.