Dixie was adopted by Andrea Broderick.

Original Story  |  02.11.2016

Hi, I’m Dixie!  I’m a sweet 6 to 7 yr old active girl who gets along with everyone.  I have a good attitude, eat my kibble and green beans with gusto and never go potty in the house.  Basically I’m a real winner in every way.  All my foster brothers like me and I’m not jealous or snitty with any of them (I know some girls can be that way).  I’m submissive and show no aggression.

I follow mommy around the house and love to go for rides in the car, especially if you let me sit on your lap!  I walk on a leash and come when I’m called.  I don’t know any commands but I’m working on it, and I’m pretty smart and eager to please so I don’t think it’ll take long.  I don’t care much for toys but I really like my people.  I’m a snuggle bug.  My first night in my new foster home I slept in the crate and I cried for a while but I got over it.  I’d rather sleep with mom and dad 😍

Probably my most unique feature is my amazing voice which I use whenever I’m excited or happy.  Yes, I talk.  And sing.  But I’m NOT a barker.  Oh, and I have a really snazzy color, kind of a brindle.  Rare.  That’s me!