Artie was adopted by Ann Briones and Family.

Original Story  |  04.07.2015

Hi, I’m Artie and I’m only about 6 weeks old.  I was turned into PROS with two injured eyes.  Both are in bad shape, but my right eye is worse.  I am blind in the right eye and nearly blind, only basic shadows, in the left.  At first, PROS and the vet tried to save both eyes, but my right eye is unfortunately beyond repair.  A surgery will be scheduled to have it removed.  I’m keeping my paws crossed that all the eye drops my foster dads have been giving me, will heal the ulcer in my left eye and save me from having both eyes removed.  I will find out soon.  Needless to say, I need some help right now.  Will you help donate to my surgery and care?

Thank you to Delmar Orrell, Jill Johnson, Jan & John Grover, Anna Nguyen, Lucky Rae Gomez, Huong Nguyen, Abby DeSantis, Patricia Schofield, Rex Winchester, Tony Tiu, Cooks & Company, Ann Briones, and Maureen Rose for your donations!