Dobie was adopted by Heather and Daniel Garcia.

Original Story  |  05.17.2015

Hi, I’m Dobie and I am 3 years old.  Last month I found myself in an emergency situation.  My owners had brought me to the vet to euthanize me, because they couldn’t afford the bladder stone surgery I urgently needed.  Luckily that vet knew someone at PROS and contacted them right away.  PROS agreed to take me in and immediately covered the cost of my surgery.  I recovered quickly and am in good spirits now.

However, I’m not quite out of the deep end yet.  The vet discovered I have a liver shunt. (» What is Liver Shunt?)  This means I was born with an abnormal blood vessel that causes blood to bypass my liver.  It is a serious condition as my liver cannot perform all its important tasks without enough blood.  I cannot live a normal life expectancy unless the abnormality is corrected.  Currently, I am trying to manage on a special diet and medication, but in order to live a longer, healthier life, I will need surgery to close the blood vessel.  It is a complicated surgery and a specialist will be called in to do it.  PROS wants me to have the surgery, but we need your help.  Can you please donate for my cause?