Wheels was adopted by Daniela Milan.

Original Story  |  01.19.2015

Hi, I’m Wheels!  I’m a 3-4 year old little boy who, up until now, has not had the greatest life.  I was found in a canal in the middle of nowhere as a stinky mess covered in dirt and algae.  It took a couple baths to reveal my ultimate handsomeness.  My foster mom says I am a complete sweetheart and get along great with everyone, both 2 and 4 legged.  I was at the Pet Expo recently and LOVED being cuddled and held by everyone.  I like to lay my head against your shoulder.

The vet says I have a neurological disorder and that I was probably not treated very kindly in the past.  The neurological disorder causes me a few small issues.  My back legs are a bit clumsy.  I love to go out for walks, just not really long ones.  I also sometimes have nighttime accidents.  I have perfect daytime potty manners, but at night I may need diapers.

I am young and still want to lead a long, active life.  I love to go out and am fine in the car.  I have so much love to give.  I just need to find a family who can see and love my charm for all that it is.