Remy was adopted by George Besser & Erica Bertorello.

Original Story  |  12.14.2014

Hello, I’m big man Remy!  I’m a brindle, two year old, neutered male.  I’m king of whichever castle I happen to be in.  I like other dogs, but would probably do best without a rival alpha male or female.  I like to eat really quickly in case more food just happens to appear in my foster pug’s bowl, in which case I will help myself.  I know how to use a doggie door and sleep in my crate at night.  I also have these pesky allergies which are treated with Benadryl and medicated baths.  As far as humans, I love them.  Although the little ones under five are too little for me!  Bring me home to rule your castle together.