Andy was adopted by Scott & Linda Davey

Original Story  |  01.11.2014

Hello there, my name is Andrew the Cutie – but please call me Andy for short.  I came into PROS a year ago.  I have a back injury in my past which unfortunately now resulted in arthritis in my hips.  I also have a neurological problem that causes my back right leg to drag a little when I walk.  Last year I had a pre-cancerous tumor removed from my bladder, but very luckily they caught it just in time.  I also have skin allergies which are well managed with daily medicine and hypoallergenic baths.

Despite all this, I am told I am still the perfect companion.  I am very sweet-natured and love to cuddle.  I make sure I am not too clingy though.  I like to sleep in and get a tummy rub before going on a morning walk.  I walk well on a leash.  Laying in the warm sun, playing with my toys, and getting attention are some of my favorite things.  I like other dogs and children.  My Foster Mom sometimes calls me a typical stubborn pug, but I do love to be trained and am curious about new things.  I am house trained and happily welcome new visitors.

I am looking for a forever home to call my own.  A place with no stairs, non-slip floors, and ample space outside for sunbathing would be ideal.  Would you being willing to give me belly rubs and make me part of your family?