Noodles was adoted by Cecilia & Robert Kaestner.

Original Story

Hello there, my name is Noodles.  I’m 7.  About 5 years go, my owners moved and left me in the backyard alone to fend for myself and possibly die.  A neighbor found out I was living there, and moved me to her backyard.  And so I lived in a new backyard for the last 5 years, still alone with minimal human contact.

I was brought to a vet a few weeks ago in pretty bad shape.  I was SO infested with fleas, they had literally sucked the blood and the life right out of me.  I had severe anemia and the vet spent many days doing blood transfusions.  I was also severely malnourished.  But even in the horrible shape that I was, I was so happy to be with people!

I must point out that the lady, who took me in those years ago, meant well.  She didn’t know much about dogs and has Alzheimer’s.  Over the last few months, she began forgetting more and more to feed me.  So, her heart was in the right place when she tried to save me.  Thankfully, she realized she could not care for me and brought me to the vet, who called PROS.

My pictures here are from when I first met my foster family, after the vet put some life back in me.  You can see I’m still skinny.  I’ve been in foster for 2 weeks now and am so grateful for the attention I get there.  I just love people, my new foster pug brothers and sisters, a warm bed, and the sound of food hitting my food bowl.  I’m getting stronger and healthier everyday.

Thank you to Denise Gross, Susan Wilson, Alanna Bradley, The Bovas, Monica Herin, Rick Sofos, Doranna Grech, Celia Ulis and Carolyn Wertz for your donations.