Bubbles & Meatball

Bubbles & Meatball were adopted by Celia Ulis & Carolyn Wertz.

Updates from Family  |  01.28.2015

Just an update on our 1 month anniversary date.

Meatball and Bubbles are settling in their new forever home.  They are sweet and so loving.

Carolyn has added “Tiny” to Bubbles name.  I did not know how serious Carolyn was until I suddenly heard Don Ho singing “Tiny Bubbles” on her iPad!  The song fits Bubbles perfectly.  She also lets us know she is a princess from time to time and has the attitude to match!  Very strong minded and knows what she wants.

Meatball is a lover through and through.  He keeps an eye on Bubbles and is a great brother.  Ollie is happy to have family again and they all get along.  They are the Francis Dr Pack.

All the pug people told us which vet to go to out in Grass Valley and he loves pugs. They are in good shape (Meatball had an ear infection which Carolyn smelled right away, hence the trip to the vet.)  Got meds renewed and future appointment when shots are due.

Had our first trial run in RV over night.  They did fine.  Loved the walk around park and Bubbles tried out her new “wheels”, stroller.  She walks part of the way then gets put in stroller to finish.

Only thing we are working on now is Feeding Frenzy Time!!!  Oh My!  I have never seen dogs eat so fast.  Gone in 60 Seconds movie title would have to be renamed, Gone in 10 Seconds.  I mean really.  We ordered a “slow feed” dish for both dogs and they are adjusting.  Bubbles eats out of a regular bowl now and is slowing down, slightly.  But when the clock hits 5 she wants food NOW.  Only real area we need to work on.

They are in my lap right now.  We went to Roseville for Adoption day, but they said Pros did not have dogs available.  We were hoping to see Linda and Bob.  Please let them know all is well.

They did a great job taking care of Meatball and Bubbles and weight is holding at 21 lbs and 14 lbs.

Thank you for all your caring,

Celia and Carolyn

Original Story  |  11.02.2014

Hi!  My name is Bubbles, and I am a rather voluptuous 9 year old pug girl!  I was brought to PROS by a neighbor of my owners, who said I was being abused and ignored by the woman who owned me.  Despite it all, I am a cheerful, curious loving sweetie.  I am housebroken, but prefer to be escorted outdoors by a human.  I like to sleep at the foot of the bed.  I like other dogs.  I LOVE belly rubs and to have people make a fuss over me.  I’ve been told that I need to lose some weight, and then have some dental work done before I am eligible for adoption.  Keep checking for me to appear on the “available for adoption” list because I will make an awesome companion once my waistline and pearly whites pass inspection!

Hi!  My name is Meatball, and I am an affectionate but pudgy 5 year old black pug boy.  They have me on a diet so that I will be a svelte stud muffin by the time I am available for adoption.  (I weighed in at 25lbs!)  I am housebroken, but prefer to be taken out accompanied by a human rather than to use a doggy door.  I LOVE to snuggle, especially in bed -so be prepared to make room in your bed for me!  My favorite daytime location is to be curled next to you, using your leg for a pillow.  I like to flip over on my back with my head tilted back and wiggle like crazy to give myself a back rub.  Of course, I would not complain if YOU offered to rub my back for me!  I am starved for attention and affection, and come with a guarantee to pay you back with all the attention and affection your could ever want!  I get along with other dogs, and will make a wonderful family pet -so keep checking to see when I become available for adoption.