Helen was adopted by John and Jan Grover.  She is their 6th pug adopted from PROS.

Original Story  |  03.18.2014

I’m told I’m pretty amazing.  I’m estimated to be only about 2 years old, but I have quite a story.  I was found wondering the streets in Oakland in really bad shape.  You see, I’m blind.  I had one eye previously removed and when I was found scared and hiding under a parked car, my other eye was seriously injured.  I would not have survived long on the streets.  I was brought to a local shelter and PROS was notified.

PROS needed help to find me a good foster home and raise money for my surgery, so they posted about me on Facebook.  I felt so special and grateful when tons of messages from around the world came in to give me love and support.

I was picked up at the shelter and brought to a home with lots of new smells and some foster pug brothers and sisters.  I was a little anxious at first and stood frozen in the middle of the kitchen.  I built up some courage and curiosity though, and eventually ventured out to explore.  I found the water bowl, food bowl and couch and realized this new foster home was awesome.  I’m even brave enough to march right up the ramp to the couch.

About a month ago, I had surgery to remove my injured eye.  I also got my nares done and can now breath much easier.  And I got spayed.  When I was alone on the streets, I ate some things I thought were food, but I guess they were actually rocks.  Luckily, I did not need surgery to have them removed.

My recovery went quickly and I am back to my adventures.  I recently went to a Pug Sunday and met lots of new friends.  I unveiled one of my special skills there.  I heard someone say, “Go potty” to their pug and I immediately went potty.  Yes, I potty on command.  I told you, I am pretty amazing.

I’m ready for adoption now.  Please don’t let the fact that I am blind scare you off.  I was scared at first, too, but I’m resourceful, and a very good listener.  I adapt very quickly.  I love my foster pug brothers a lot.  They have been great to nap with and help me get around.  So I would prefer a home with a pug brother.  I also really like to snuggle, so a warm couch and warm lap are necessary also.  I’m looking forward to new adventures and explorations.

Thank you to Patricia Fisher Misuraca, Stephanie Temples, Jonathon Connett, Yifeng Gui, Brenda Shrout, Sagi Zommer, Lucky Gomez, Dana Umsted, Wendy Hudman, Roxann Chavarria, Sharon Vandagriff, Heidi Hogan, Eliza McCaw, Ursula Plumley, Tonya KraftDenise Gross, Joreen Bones, Press Kit Pros, Susan Vander Burght in memory of Pola, Kerri Lohr, Michelle Ingram, Tom Bauer & Nilo Ventura, Gloria Petruzzelli, William Chrisman, Lisa Gibson, Kevin Callahan, Valerie Johnson, Jonathon Larson, Lisamarie Wong, Anna Lillian Martinez, Suzan Dexter, Jason Cole, Donna Strong, Mary Bovda in memory of Gabby & Cosmo, Jennifer Fretland, Robin Valicenti, Donnie Hodge, Delmar M. Orrell and her pug, Alfred, The Green Mosaics (Martha Jones), Falon Barday, Valli Horwitz, Gissel Ruiz, Raea Bach, Denise Gross and Dennis Devine for your donations.