Gilly was adopted by Deborah & Peter Loomis.  This is their second PROS pug.

Original Story  |  06.23.2014

HI!  I’m GILLY.  I am a 6 year old neutered healthy APRICOT boy.  Apricot is considered to be a rare, desirable color for a pug.  I was given up to PROS because I came from a family of TEN kids whose parents are getting divorced.  The mother has moved into a rented house that doesn’t allow pets.  When I first arrived at PROS I was shy and frazzled.  No wonder!  I didn’t know how to act in a reasonably quiet environment after coming from such a crazy household!  After a few days, my fun-loving personality emerged.  Now you can call me SILLY GILLY if you want to!  I love to do the “pug scoot”.  Other things I love are chew bones, sun bathing and adventures.  I appear to be house-broken.  I would do well in a family with kids (but not TEN!  Please!  I deserve to get some attention.)  My foster mom says I am about as close to perfect as a pug can get!