Ray was adopted by Leroy Potter.

Original Story  |  04.15.2014

HI!  My name is Ray, and I am a sweet little (10.5 lb) apricot-colored pug boy.  Apricot is a rare and sought-after color for a pug.  I am only 3 years old.  At some point, I was loved and cared for, but somehow along the way I ended up living on the streets, which is how I came to be in a shelter.  From there PROS rescued me.  I am very mellow for being such a young dog, and am housebroken and crate-trained.  Now I am being treated for a skin infection.  Look for me to appear on the “available for adoption” list after I get rid of these teenage blemishes and get neutered.  I will make a great addition to some lucky family.