Tiki & Tootsie

Tiki & Tootsie were adopted by Virginia and Mike Herte in March 2014.

Thank you to those who donated toward a cart for Tootsie:
Stephanie Temples, Kristin Patane, Lynn Berkeley, Winston and Mars, Steve Elgin and Jason Visperas, V. Thomas, Daichi and Danielle Nakazawa, Debra Loomis in honor of Buddy, and all those who would like to remain anonymous.

Original Story

We are Tiki and Tootsie!  2 sweet 10 years young girls who are looking for their forever home.  We were adopted from PROS a few years ago and lived in a wonderful home.  But when our dad was diagnosed as terminal, we had to come back to PROS.  As you can see, we are pretty small.  You can hold both of us at the same time and STILL have room for another.  My sister Tootsie is super small and has a wobbly back end.  PROS is in the process of raising money to get her a cart so she can get around easier.  She is super active, loves walks and wants to be on the go, but her weak legs prevent her from doing so.  We need a place where there aren’t big active dogs or kids that can mow us down.  Carpeting or at least some runners would be great so she could easily get around.  Don’t let our age fool you.  We’re not “one foot in the grave” kind of girls.  We are fairly active.  We go hiking, camping and to the beach with our foster family.  We are told we are perfect travelers and love riding in the RV.  We love walks, hikes and we just love to go about our day and love each other and groom each other, which is why we will NOT be separated.  We love each other and are always together.  We just need someone to take a chance on us.  I hear lots of folks say that the seniors are the most amazing dogs and do something special to your heart that you can’t explain until you have experienced it.  If you are looking for 2 fabulous girls, we may be the match for you.