Twiggy was adopted by Janae Esmond in February 2014.

Original Story

I was named Twiggy due to the way I look.  I was a stray and ended up in a shelter.  The shelter estimated my age at 10 yrs old, I don’t have many teeth and I’m blind.  As you can see I wasn’t well taken care of since I am so skinny, I was named after Twiggy the very skinny model.  I am in a nice foster home and have two pug foster brothers.  I’ll be going to the vet soon.  Please keep good thoughts for me to get healthy again.

Update May 3:  Twiggy just went to the vet and had her health check she has cataracts due to her diabetes.  She is now on insulin twice a day to get her back to somewhat normal.  She should put on some weight and this should also help with her urinary incontinence.