Lucy Lou (LL, aka Lucifer when she acts up.  Formerly Spot) is one of the Mange Pups (on the far right on the top photo).  Troy Lee and team did a spectacular job of nursing these four back to health and the love from Troy and her staff is evident in the love that Lucy exhibits to everyone she meets. She decided that she wanted me to take her home on 11-18-12.  Since then the major question is who rescued whom.  She is my best friend and she keeps me company every where we go.  She is alternatively a “Bed pug”, “Queen of the Patio”, “Patriot” and “Guard Pug”.  Lucy races around the yard with her cousin, Shelby, turns on a dime and gives you nine cents change.  Lucy is extremely social and would join every animal on the TV for play if she could just figure out how to get in there with them.  She is constantly ‘urging’ me to take her for a walk and can walk for miles.  She will drag my running shoes out of the closet and then ‘tell’ me that she is ready to go.  God help me if I’m not ready when she is.  She had her first experience in the snow early December and loved it but only in small doses.  She had been to our Tahoe home this summer and loved swimming in the lake.  This early December we were there again and it took here more that a little while to get used to the snow.  Dipping a paw into the lake convinced her that she is a summer lake lover.  She loves to ride in her car seat and know each of our “stops” and how long Dad is going to be gone.  I take her into all the stores where she is allowed and everyone loves it when Lucy visits.  I have devised a “Stairway to Heaven” so that she can see the kids playing outside that otherwise she would only be able to hear.  She spends hours when I am working watching the world and doing her best to catch her “rays” on a sunny day.

I am extremely grateful to Pros for their dedication and service to the Pug as well as the human community.