Franklin & Bentley

In Jan and Feb of 2010 my brother and I adopted Franklin (my Mr Perfect) and Bentley (my Foodhog).  We have had them almost 4 years.  They are now 14 and 15 years old.  We enjoy the older dogs because we are seniors ourselves and are not into chasing young ones around.  Our feeling is that they need homes also and love and we are there to do it.

One of my dogs now has some health issues and the other has a little separation anxiety.  So we decided to adopt again so my one dog would not be alone when we lose the other.  I saw Jan at one of the monthly adoption event and told her.

The next month when I saw her again she said she had just picked up 2 males a couple of days before and they needed to stay together.  I saw their picture and said “Can they be mine?”  The answer was YES.  They are just youngsters as they are 11 years old.  They were on the lamb and were picked up by the law hence their names Bugsy and Gotti.  Well we put them in witness protection and now their names are Elwood and Jake (the blues brothers) and we are hiding them.  No more law chasing them down.

Pugs just get along so well.  They just move over and “come on in” as the picture shows.  They lay on each other, under each other, next to each other.  One of them is always next to my oldest boy, Franklin, to protect him.  They have beds all over the house.  Lay on the floor – NEVER.

We love them all so much.  We want to thank Jan and John and all the foster parents and other volunteers.  You all take such good care of the pugs.  2010 was our firt experience with rescue, and you are great.  All the dogs we have had over the past 50 years have needed homes, and we have never gone to a breeder.  We have had all breeds of dogs over the years.  This is our 3rd and 4th from pros but our 9th and 10th pugs.

We wish people woul consider the seniors and also pairs that need to go together.

Love to all,

Julia, Larry, Franklin, Bentley, Jake and Elwood Sheller