Baron Von Pug

Baron was adopted by Michael Trieu and Angelica David.

Original Story

Hi!  My name is Baron Von Pug.  I’m a very cute 3 year old black pug boy.  Did you know that black pugs have a reputation for being very smart?  I just nailed the S.A.T.!  It is pretty amazing considering that the past month of my life has not been very good.  I somehow ended up in a shelter, despite the fact that I am a Baron!  While there, I caught kennel cough.  Thank goodness, PROS rescued me.  After recovering from kennel cough, I was neutered, had all my shots, had surgery on my nostrils and soft palate so I could breathe easily, was tested Heartworm negative, was microchipped, and had a beauty bath.  Now I am finally ready to find my forever home!

I am housebroken and know how to use a doggy door.  I love chewing on nylabones and think it is fun to play with toys.  I can leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Well, maybe that is a bit boastful – but I CAN jump a 2 foot fence effortlessly.

I have an eye condition that results in my not making enough tears, and that can cause blindness if not properly treated.  It involves me getting prescription eye drops that are not inexpensive – so I need to find a home where that expense won’t be a problem.

I am loving and sweet.  I do not love having my face touched, but aside from that, I am enthusiastic about just about everything… especially the thought of ending up in a loving home!